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"A good drummer listens as much as he plays." ~ Indian Proverb

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Many of our customers are very talented working musicians and we are pleased to recommend them to you.  Below are links, videos and info about them and their music.  Most of them are available for gigs and performances.  (Click on the links below to find out more.)  Enjoy!

Jesus Alvarado - Jesus is an outstanding percussionist & cajon maker based in Philadelphia.  His cajons are a pleasure to play & are made with care & great craftsmanship.  His playing of cajons, congas, batas & much more is also great.  Jesus loves the LP batas that he got from Artdrum.

Below video: Rumba Abierta en Philly - Jesus & friends in a polyrhythmic jam!

Below photo: One of Jesus' hand made quinto cajons.  Jesus makes numerous size cajons, all of outstanding quality & fun to play! Contact us for more info or to order Jesus' cajons.

Jesus Alvarado's Quinto-Cajon

Tommy Anton - Tommy Anton is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, performer and recording artist.  He has played with national and international touring acts including Shannon McNally, Teeter, the Zen Tricksters, and Arthur Brown.  His debut CD features guest musicians Leigh Foxx (Blondie, Patti Smith, Cyndi Lauer) on bass and Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, XTC, Mr. Mister) on drums.  Tommy's MySpace.

Dale Armstrong - Dale Armstrong is a seasoned performer & recording artist.  He has performed & recorded with some of the most renowned musicians in Jazz, Blues, Country & Rock, including but not limited to: Crystal Gale, Marion McPartlin, Kenny Burrel, Teddy Wilson, Steve Winwood, Stan Lassiter Group, Gerry Read, Mose Allison, Smother Bros., Stan Lassiter Group, Gerry Reed, Erny Watts, Mose Allison, Jimmy Rainy, John Pizzarelli, Edgar Winter, Vince Gill, Leon Russell, Tonino Horta, Vince Gilll, Lonnie Mack, Reese Wynan & so on!

 See some of the albums Dale is on at CDUniverse.com.  Here is a video of a song called Five Tones - a guitar, bass, & drum jam with Dale on drums.

Toby Bender

Erik Berglund - Erik Berglund is an international singer, harpist and recording artist. Click to hear Erik's song for harp, gong and chimes.

Emile Biayenda - Emile Biayenda is a singer, songwriter, Jazz & Afro-Cuban percussionist.  He plays with multiple bands and incorporates Afro-Cuban rhythms and instruments from across the globe into his music.  He is also the founder of the great Congolese band, Les Tambours de Brazza:

Tania Bosak - Tania is a leading Australian percussionist, singer and performer who excels at a variety of styles, including Latin, African, Brazilian and Haitian percussion; Jazz and Swing; Funk; Gypsy; Balkan and more.  She keeps a full schedule and has performed and studied on multiple continents, including Australia, Africa and North America.  She leads her own energetic ensembles, composes and sings with several bands, including, but not limited to, a Gypsy-Latin-swing band, Big Fela led by Phil Bywater and Rektango.  In addition to these undertakings she applies her masterful drumming abilities in a healing manner as an Advanced TaKeTiNa Rhythm Facilitator.


Fred Brindisi - Musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer and entertainer extraordinaire!


 (Fred on harp & vocals!)


The Bumble Buzz - Percussionist & Artdrummer Kevin Anderson & the great jam band, The Bumble Buzz.


JakeBurtonMusic.com - Jake Burton is a professional drummer in Nashville, TN and is available for private drum lessons and online webcam lessons.

Javier Cabanillas - Javier is the recording and touring conguero for Grammy Award Winning band Pacific Mambo OrchestraIn addition Javier has played along side Grammy-Award winning artists & nominees, such as Poncho Sanchez, Adrian Terrazas-Gonzalez (The Mars Volta), Karl Perazzo of Santana, Brian Jordan (Lauryn Hill, Tommy Igoe (Modern Drummer), Tom E. Politzer (Tower of Power), John Santos (Five-Time Grammy Award Nominee), Bobby Sanabria (Grammy Award Nominee), Jerry Gonzalez (Latin Grammy-Award Nominee), Ray Obiedo (guitarist for Herbie Hancock), Lucky 7 Mambo (LA), and Orquesta La Palabra, amongst other influential artists.  He is a Tycoon artist as well as a composer & teacher.

David Ellenbogen & Acoustic Mandala Project: Acoustic Mandala Project is a raga-based (Indian musical form) ambient music.  Using bamboo bansuri flute and guitars they create new sounds with roots in the ancient traditions.  Their music is often used for yoga and meditation.

 David is a musician, producer and NYC radio host whose music knows no boundaries.  As a guitarist, he has performed, recorded and studied music in Africa, India, Polynesia, Brazil and beyond. He has immersed himself in the music of the Mandingo Griots of West Africa, Western Classical Guitar and Indian Raga.  David also creates sound baths, where the audience lies down and lets the vibrations of gongs, crystal and Tibetan bowls, and other transcendent sounds wash over them.  Below is song called Ambiguity from his Acoustic Mandala Project.


Juan Etchegorry - Conguero & Percussionist in Florida


Justin Fichtner - Conguero in Paa Kow's By All Means Band

Olivier Gagneux - Percussionist, Vocalist & Tres Player in Switzerland.  Olivier is three successful, distinct and highly talented bands.  Check out all of his bands: Grand Mother's Funck - Funk; Picason - Salsa Cubana from Switzerland; Son Alarde - Traditional Cuban Music

Bo R Larsen and Rail Road Riders - Bo is scientist and musician.  In 1973 he helped begin the band, the Rail Road Riders and they are still going strong! Here's some of Bo & Rail Road Riders' music: Ethenal Hunter (includes a set of 3, LP Patato congas, which Bo bought from Artdrum!)  Raid Road Riders playing "Come and Let me Look in your Eyes", with Bo on Electric Guitar and Harmonica:

Steve Loebs - Blue Luke - fantastic song & jam!

The McIlroys - Scotland's Musical Ambassadors! The McIlroys are a native Scottish band who play traditional and contemporary Scottish and Irish music.  They perform on traditional Scottish and Irish instruments, including  Flute, Bagpipes, Bodhrans, Guitar and Vocals.

The McIlroys are available for Scottish and Celtic festivals, concerts, family reunions, churches, clubs & pubs, weddings, wakes and funerals, corporate and special events.  CALL PATTI at 850-894-5212 for availability and fees or email her at mcilroys@mail.com.

Pablo La Porta - Argentinean musician and master percussionist.  Pablo makes creative and artful percussion music, combining elements and instruments from various cultures, including Latin America, India, Far East and the USA.  Pablo plays Latin percussion, African percussion, drum sets, the Garrahand, tablas, gongs, singing bowls & much more.  The variety of instruments and styles he plays makes for unique and fantastic solos.  He has played at numerous music festivals and is on numerous albums.  All of Pablo's Youtube videos are outstanding!  Pablo is also a visual artist and painter! He shares his work at www.laportapablo.blogspot.com/.

      Ronny Morales - Singer, guitarist and band leader; Ronny plays Latin music; and praise and worship music with a Latin feel! Ronny's band, Dimante de Cristo, is on Youtube.

Torkom Movsesiyan - Middle Eastern and Oriental dancer; singer; actor; & voice over artist.

Ori Naveh - Ori is a composer, percussionist & kit player in a variety of bands, ensembles & musical projects.  He specializes in darbuka, daf, Miriam drum (frame drum), cajon, dahola, Pakistan darbuka, castanuelas, bells & cymbals. 

One of the bands Ori plays in is Alila, which is a virtuosic world-music band.  They are fantastic! They uniquely  combine danceable rhythms and soulful musical styles from all over the globe, and they do so with the utmost artistry and originality.  You can listen Alila, & Ori, playing their beautiful, and infectiously danceable music, at www.alilaband.com; and check out their facebook page to at http://tinyurl.com/alila-events.

Also, Ori is a member of Duck Soup (the rockers tribute; Makondo, 'uri bracha's five' & a member in 'Tanjona tany' green peace project.  Ori is multi-lingual and has played on multiple continents.  In addition to performing live he is recording artist.  You can read more about him under the Bio page at Alilaband.com

Larry Salzman - Professional drummer and teacher in Los Angeles/Orange County, CA

Chuck Silverman.com - We at Artdrum are sad over the unexpected passing of renowned drummer & international educator Chuck Silverman, May 1, 2014.  Chuck is on drum set in the below video & also in the first video of this page.  Chuck will be greatly missed.


Soundswell is ORIGINAL JAM-BASED MUSIC YOU CAN MOVE YOUR BODY TO! Comprised of teachers, artists, poets, and free spirits; each member draws from a vast array of influences with the collective goal of creating a joyful noise.

Established in early 2012 as a 5 piece with it's roots on the south shore music scene of Long Island, New york Soundswell has gained momentum and added vocalists Anne McInerney, Sydney and Corey Swinson playing music festivals with Sublime, The Dirty Heads, The Wailers at BEERFIELDS MUSIC FEST 2012/2013, Anders Osbourne, Moe, Zach Deputy at THE GREAT SOUTH BAY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2013/2014 and are a staple at the BLUE POINT BREWING COMPANY along with many other local Long Island Venues and festivals.  Soundswell is headed into the studio this Autumn to record 30 hours worth of material so be on the LOOKOUT! for SOUNDSWELL...

David J Spatola - Highly recommended pianist, vocalist & DJ in New Jersey who specializes in providing quality music for weddings, cocktail parties, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, anniversaries, graduation parties & other special events.  Dave's warm vocals and tasteful repertoire is in the tradition the crooners.  You can hear his very pleasing sound at DavidSpatola.com.

David Spatola Piano

Patrick Zugg - pmzugg@sbcglobal.net

I Started playing drums at 13  with a drum and bugle corp. which was a military precision style of marching and playing. I started with a band at 16. We called ourselves Mind, Body and Soul. We were 6 kids, three black and three whites. I’d like to think we were trend setter’s. Because of race difference we were very versatile in our music.  For some reason and I don’t know why. I was attracted to Soul and Latin  music. One of the kids, was also a percussionist and keyboard player. If it had skins or keys he could play it. He was the one that turn me on to hand percussion and Soul, Funk and Latin music. He was half black  and half Hispanic.   He later toured  with the Staple Singers when he was 21.  I stepped out from behind the trap set and never went back. I put music in my back pocket when I turned 21. I  got married and started to concentrate on my  business and raising a family. Music is not the best of family life, I learned.  Now, 37 years later, my 3 daughters  are all raised and  have families of their own and I’m still with my high sweetheart. My one son in law is also a musician and had conversations  with his father, which was one of the guys in our group, Mind, Body and Soul. He told him that I was a drummer and sang. He nor my kids knew about that part of my life. So for Christmas 7 years ago they bought me a LP Conga and Bongo set. Music , was back in my life! Since then I have added Timbales, Cymbals, Chimes, Cow bells for a herd of cattle and every weird sounding instrument out there to my set. Needless to say a new member of Mind, Body and Soul was formed with a much older man and a new name,  50 Amp Fuse. We were together for 5 years playing basic light rock, until I left for a solo idea. I wanted to do a tribute to Santana ,who I have always listen to, since I got his album Abraxas, by accident from the Columbia record club when I was 16. I think they’re still looking for me. I didn’t buy three more albums in the next three years as their contracted stated. I now do 3 one hour sets, playing his music, while playing my percussions live over the top of him. Kind of like a DJ and a live musician. I also play to War, Earth Wind and Fire, Sly Stone and other heavy percussion groups but< Santana is every other song. The response has been fantastic to the 40ish crowds. I follow Tito Puente, Karl Perazzo and Armando Peraza, who was 50 when he joined Santana.  So here I sit now with $5000 of equipment later and loving every minute of it and to this day I still make my own sticks. Actually 3 years ago. I played  one night  til 3:00 in the morning and had double bypass  two days later. My drum instructor always said I had a lot of heart! When I came out of recovery guess what my daughter had playing on her I phone near my head. Yep you guess it.  Country!!! LOL……. I could of smacked her!

If you ain’t tap’n your stand’n still


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