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"A good drummer listens as much as he plays." ~ Indian Proverb

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FAQs on Drums, Percussion, Instruction, Purchasing and more

Bodhran FAQs

Are there online resources for learning about the bodhran? Yes, here are couple excellent resources:

Blayne Chastain's Bodhran Lessons Online - a fantastic online bodhran course with expert player and teacher Blayne Chastain!

Michelle Stewart's Bodhran Videos & Tutorials - rhythms, lessons & more! And Bodhran Lessons, which is a complete beginners guide to playing and understanding the Bodhran by Josh Mittleman.

Where can I buy a good entry level bodhran instruction book? Click Bodhran Tutor.

Where can I buy quality bodhrans or frame drums at discounted prices? Click Bodhran and Frame Drums.

Bongo FAQs

Are flat bongo skins more expensive than pre-fitted skins?

How do I tune & care for my bongo drum?

How do I tuck & stretch a bongo head? 

I need a replacement head - what bongo head should I choose?

Where can I buy great bongo drums and save a lot of money?

Where can I learn more about bongos & bongo playing?


What is the history behind & basic rhythms of the Cajon?

How do you make a cajon?

What are the Cajon Fundamentals?








Conga FAQs

Comparison Chart of LP Series Congas

Comparison Chart of LP Matador Series Congas

Comparison Chart of LP Aspire Series Congas

Does Artdrum know any good conga drum or Latin percussion teachers?

How do I keep my conga, or any other drum with a skin, from going badly out of tune while traveling in the winter?

How do I know when my conga is tuned? Should I tune my conga to a particular interval?

How do I measure & determine the size for bongo & conga heads?

How do I tuck & stretch a conga head?

What are the fundamentals in Latin Music for Congas? A great lesson from Poncho Sanchez, including his recommended set up and tuning; plus, fundamental strokes and rhythms:


What is a conga drum & in what musical styles is it most commonly used?

What are the basic techniques for playing conga?

What are standard & common rhythms conga playing?

What is the best way to strike the conga drum?

What sizes are made for congas drums? What size conga should I choose?

What materials are congas made with?

"What resources does Artdrum recommend for learning to play the congas?  - Books, dvds, teachers, videos & tutorials

What's the Difference between Wood & Fiberglass Congas?

Where can I buy great conga drums and save a lot of money?

 Which is more melodic, Galaxy Congas or Patato Congas?

Why are Remo Crimplock Symmetry Conga Heads more Flexible than other heads?


Cymbal FAQs

How do I best care for my cymbals?

How do I clean my cymbals?

How do I best choose cymbals for my music style?

How do I select cymbals?

Sabian Cymbal Models

What are Sonically Matched cymbals?

Where can I buy great cymbals and save a lot of money?

Djembe FAQs

How do I re-head a djembe?

How do I tune a rope-tuned djembe?

What's the difference between Rope & Lug tuned djembes?

How does the head & shell size effect the djembe tones?

Djembe Rhythms

Where can I buy great djembes and save a lot of money?

Doumbek & Darbuka FAQs

Are there any good online doumbek & darbuka lessons? Yes, FingersofFurry.com/us &  KarWil's Darbuka lessons.

Buying your first doumbek or darbuka? (Which doumbeks or darbukas are right for first time buyers?)

What are the sounds of a darbuka?

How do I replace the head on a copper, aluminum or mother of pearl darbuka?

Comparison of the Alexandria aluminum doumbek and copper doumbek (What's the difference between the Alexandria aluminum and copper doumbeks?)

Where can I buy great doumbeks & save a lot of money?

Drum Set FAQs

What do I look for when I want to buy a drum set? Sound advice and basic knowledge for buying a drum set. 

Where can I buy great drum sets and save a lot of money?

Gong FAQs

Gong Types - Description of two types of gongs: Suspended Gongs & Gong Bowls

Gong Playing -  Info. about several fun aspects of gong playing!

Gong Videos - What do the gongs sound like?

How old are gongs? Where were they first made? Here is a brief history of gongs, which answers these & other questions.

What's the difference between the Tiger, Opera, Pasi, Chau & Wind Gongs? Comparison of the 14" Tiger Gong to 12" Opera, 15" Pasi, 15" Chau & 18" Wind Gongs

What are the Basic Gong Playing Techniques?

What are the basic methods for Listening to Gongs?

Where can I buy great gongs and save a lot of money?

Tabla FAQs

What do basic talas (rhythmic cycles) sound like and how are they performed performed? Masters Ravi Shankar and Alla Rakha demonstrate in the below video.



What are the basic tabla sounds and strokes?



How do vocal talas (rhythmic cycles) sound? (Check out from the 5 second mark to the 1:01 mark and from the 5:52 mark to  in the recording below.)

Talking Drum FAQs

How is the Talking Drum played & used by Talking Drummers?

Timbale FAQs

What are basic Timbale rhythms? Essay & rhythms for How to play Son & Palito Patterns for Timbale

Where can I buy great timbales and save a lot of money?

Udu & Clay Drum FAQs

Udu Drumming Basics: How do I play, strike & sit with the udu

Where can I buy a beautiful udu and save a lot of money?

Hand Drumming FAQs

Where can I find hand drum and ethnic percussion lessons? Artdrum's Drum & Percussion Online Lessons

Where can I find rhythms for hand drums?

Healing Art of Drumming FAQs

Do you have information about the Healing Art of drumming or music in general?

How Can Drumming Help Students Grow Academically?

How Does Drumming Benefit your Child?

Is there Scientific Research that Indicates Music Helps Students Mentally?

Other than Scientific Research is there Evidence that Music Helps Students Mentally or Otherwise?

What is Meant by the Healing Art of Drumming?

Where are there Classes which Teach the Musical and Healing Art Aspects of Drumming?

Musician Promotion & Resources FAQs

How can I promote my music? How can I promote my art or business or anything, which is useful for customers or the public?  One way is with Press Releases.

Example Press Release - An example press release.

Instant Press Release - Easy-to-use program for making press releases (free program, but requires sign up)

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Tips for Registering with PayPal Quick tips about registering with PayPal


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