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"A good drummer listens as much as he plays." ~ Indian Proverb

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Colleen Linsman & EnchantedHealingCenter.com - Colleen is the owner and founder of the Enchanted Healing Center in Ontario, Canada.  The center provides outstanding services and technologies for holistic living and effective healing.  Sound Healing, Infrared Sauna, numerous forms of massage, Reiki, hot tub, crystal labyrinth (a special walking path), sound events each month for charities and other valuable services are offered at Enchanted Healing Center.  Colleen is multi-talented musician, sound therapist, masseuse and more.  Her background and skills are rich and broad and she uses her talents, experience & business to help others.

The Conduit is a group of healing artists who travel throughout the U.S. giving healing sound workshops & seminars.  They provide individual & group sound therapy sessions.  They have a phenomenal sound therapy set-up, including approximately twelve Paiste gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and more.  Visit www.gongtheplanet.com to learn more about their work and upcoming schedule.

Guy Douglas (Gong Guy) - Guy is a dedicated sound healer & gong master.  He offers fantastic gongs baths & sound meditations on a regular basis in the Los Angeles area.  To find out more about his baths & meditations please visit his Facebook page.

Jennifer Edson - Is a sound therapist and yoga instructor the tri-state Connecticut region.  She is trained in sound therapy, gong playing and yoga.   Listen to Jennifer's beautiful Gong Clearing on the Full Moon recording; it's about 45 minuets long, so get comfy & enjoy!

Marco Dolce aka Xumantra - Marco is a guitarist, percussionist and gong master.  He is available for performances and sound therapy in the New Jersey, tri-state, region.   He is a well rounded healing artist: trained as a musician and composer as well as an herbalist and naturalist.  Learn more about Marco and hear his beautiful music at his site, Xonic.com and his YouTube channel.  He has composed and produced many outstanding CDs, which showcase his unique and beautiful use of gongs, percussion, singing bowls, and guitar.  (You can order his CDs from Artdrum.)

Anne Huxtable is a very talented musician and singer who developed a deep appreciation for the fact that music and sound are effective for healing and balancing ourselves.  Her talents and interests led her to the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco where she studied and became a certified Sound Therapist and Sound Healer.  She also studied harmonic overtone singing in Australia with Dean Frenkel. 

In addition to her musical talents & love of sound healing she has a scientific background.  She was research scientist and then a Secondary School Math teacher in Australia, Anne began her journey into alternative therapies 25 years ago. She is a qualified masseuse (Southern School of Natural Therapies, Melbourne, Australia) and Reiki practitioner, with many years of experience using a variety of modalities including Shiatsu and energy psychology techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Emotion Code.  More at http://annehuxtable.com/about/. 

Sharon Kapp, CAS, PKS, RYT, LMT, CMA, Reiki Master, Vastu Shastra consultant, & owner of Houston Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness Center, is a dedicated, talented & caring healing-professional.  Her Wellness Center is on a beautiful property and she and her Center specialize in Ayurvedic, Yoga, Massage & Sound Therapy.  You can learn more, or schedule an appointment, by emailing Healing @ Houston-Yoga-Ayurveda.com or calling the center at 832-349-0370.


Mary Ferazza (GuruNam Kaur) has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since 2004 and has been a certified instructor since 2010.  She has seen an amazing transformation in her own life and the lives of others through this practice.  Her love of the yoga techniques and technology, such as gongs, is expressed in her enthusiastic teaching style.

Experience a series of gentle movements, exercises and breath techniques before enjoying a deep relaxation with the gong.
THURSDAYS   5:30 - 6:15pm
300 West Adams - Chicago, IL 60606 - Room 310

Remo's Health Rhythms Defined - A Proven Music Therapy/Drumming Program with Positive, Life Changing Results; "Health Rhythms is a division of Remo Inc. that develops and provides materials, programs, training and the latest research supporting the use of drumming as an effective means for promoting and maintaining health and well-being.  At the forefront of our activities is the development of our HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming program. This research-based, recreational music-making program is being used around the world. Its applications are too numerous to name but include use by hospitals, schools, long-term care centers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation environments, at-risk youth facilities and more."

 Soundbeings - Phil & Rita Crosbie are the owners of Soundbeings Wellness Consultants, located in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada.  Their work and company serves individuals as well as private and professional communities with effective, and empowering, sound-healing sessions and seminars.  They use Paiste gongs and other premium sound-healing instruments in their work.

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